December 11, 2021 @ He had his moments, certainly, as we all do, but his were mostly public and in the news. In 1962 Young left Capitol and signed to Mercury Records. Just Married. One country singer that I have not seen mentioned, and is still living, is Leroy VanDyke. December 11, 2021 @ Love you Ricky and all the old, true country singers of long ago. "Just Married" This Is Faron Young: 1954 "They Made Me Fall in Love with You" singles only 5:45 am, Go to Duran Michael on you tube and you will here true country he writes, Mary E Winkle His career was sidetracked when he was drafted into the United States Army the following month. 1:49 pm. I played with many from Jerry Lee Lewis, Connie Smith, MoBambi. I look forward to the Randy Travis book too. Good thing David Allan Coe doesnt expect a tribute at the CMA Awards every year then! Bring back the best and get rid of the rest!!!!! But this isnt the 70s. 12:58 pm. December 11, 2021 @ Faron Young was a great singer with very high standards. Love Country Music. Trigger should research this and fill in the blanks if possible in a nice investigative piece. Andy Valdez Faron Young wrote Wine Me Up, Goin' Steady and Alone with You. It was a short-lived romance, with Hank passing away on January 1st, 1953 from heart failure at the age of 29. 8:18 pm. All of us have careers that will end and finding meaning after that career is difficult for a lot of people. Too bad he isnt name-dropped by todays hacks. Im sure he would have loved that honor. Clifford Then those two had a 2 hour gab fest. Does Faron Young Dead or Alive? December 11, 2021 @ Just like Ricky Van Shelton that the industry treated crummy and he was the greatest. That richly deserved honour cannot now be far off. December 12, 2021 @ Randy Faron Young was a country music star from the late 1950s to the 1980s, a honky-tonk singer and entertainer in the mold of Hank Williams. May god have mercy on his soul, You have confused Faron Young with Sonny James. If you havent heard of agesim until now, thats on you. But that doesnt mean that we should not continue to fight the battles. 11:43 pm, Van Dyne King Honky Of Crackershire (Merry Christmas!) Rock & Roll definitely traces some of its roots to country music. We all die. !MaryLou, Dillob Big disappointment. It was through Young that Jones was first introduced to Williams, who went on to wed Williams in October 1952. We have actually quitted.. And that is simply not true. His appealing, expressive tenor was equally at home with both ballads and up-tempo numbers; and whilst he could croon effortlessly, the more dramatic and emotive approach that he favoured on many of his 1950s recordings confirms him as an important link between Hank Williams and many of the country stars who have followed. The one we love in front of us is da final destination.Caz we live on thu there eyes. 1:44 pm. December 11, 2021 @ Hmmmmmn.something doesnt seem quite right there. . RIP to both. Mary ann Greenleaf Diane Bird Explore. 9:49 pm. Heartbreaking and painful to hear one of my favorite singers struggle when their best days are clearly in the rear view mirror. In some cases their vocal ability diminishes and its so sad to watch a beloved singer attempt to keep their dream alive when father time has taken his toll. What a voice. 8:42 am. That story is mentioned in Johnny Cashs 2nd autobiography. December 10, 2021 @ Why dont we hear any of his music anymore? Faron was the last of six children, finding himself the youngest of his many siblings. Nowadays its backwards: you have to be beautiful and dont have to be good. Just four days after Faron Young died, Robyn Young took the stage at the Grand Ole Opry and performed "Hello Walls," the song his father made famous. MaryLou Clearwater December 14, 2021 @ [citation needed], In 1952, while Young was stationed at Fort McPherson, he met his future wife Hilda Macon, the daughter of an Army master sergeant and the great-granddaughter of Uncle Dave Macon. TT-31 December 11, 2021 @ Hearing Hank Williams on the Louisiana Hayride changed all of that, and country is what Faron chose as his lifelong pursuit. But, i do believe what i believe and nobody will take that away And yes i meant what i wrote. GONE BUT NEVER FORGOTTEN, HE WILL LIVE FOREVER THROUGH HIS MUSIC , BARRON PILGRIM He just stayed home and didnt do much of anything. Faron Young was not considered a model citizen. 12:22 am. Marlene canzoneri Was a sad ending to his life. Most famous was "Hello Walls", a Willie Nelson song Young turned into a crossover hit in 1961. February 9, 2022 @ Rest in piece Sir, and thank you for sharing your talent with the world. 9:05 am. Consequences to older artist dont matter. I HAVE NEVER UNDERSTOOD WHY THE UPCOMERS, DO NOT INCLUDE THEM IN THEIR VENUE. Dick De Jong He placed all his self-esteem on societal status. Prefer old Country. He was a great honky tonker. 6:48 pm. Dean Love youfaron and miss you a lot. $5.16 shipping. [2] He was discharged in November 1954. Complete song listing of Faron Young on As Solomon said vanity, vanity all is vanity. 5:55 am. Ive never seen anything like this. December 10, 2021 @ Just Married by Faron Young : 2:26 : $0.99: 13. Join thought-provoking conversations, follow other Independent readers and see their replies. BUT A GREAT COWBOY AN AMAZING. I liked Faron Young. My brother was crazy about Garth but he didnt hold a candle to the old country singers. He graduated from Fair Park High School that year and attended Centenary College of Louisiana. I do not, I repeat DO NOT like country music today!!! "Goodbye daddy. 11:43 pm. Yes, I am sure the ancient crowd knows who he is but his popularity isnt anywhere close to Hank, Waylon, Cash, and other frequently acknowledged singers. He always told him when he got well enough to drive he would give him the car. December 11, 2021 @ Johnny died . Ideas and material objects passed on from one generation to the next in a society, which provide guidelines for action and interaction Includes knowledge, beliefs, values, rules and laws, language, customs, symbols, and material products Culture is not natural MATERIAL CULTUFlE NONMATEFIIAL CULTURE . Virgie Louque have children Lane David Louque, Darrel Louque, Shirlyn Louque, Dale Louque, Faron Louque, Ramon Louque, Davin Louque, Ellen Louque, and Sandra Louque . He was posthumously inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2000. Faron Youngs biographer Diane Diekman was also quoted, and also commented on the article. He had a great voice That song peaked in the country and pop Top 10 in early 1962, but it's less widely remembered that Nelson already had a long-running country chart-topper to his name as a composer by then. By the mid-1990s, alcoholism had taken its toll, his . 5:10 am. Drafted, he was assigned to performing for the troops, working with a young actor and announcer named Leonard Nimoy. The Blazing Zoos' song "Still Up at Five", on their album "Chocks Away" is a sequel/homage to "It's Four in the Morning". December 10, 2021 @ His health and the music business were possible contributing factors, as was his alienation from his family. 5:35 am. December 10, 2021 @ [citation needed], Young briefly dated Billie Jean Jones before she became the second wife of country music superstar Hank Williams. 5:14 pm. I can see youre the same guy from the defunct site. December 11, 2021 @ Middle-age isnt a specific number; its an era of your life, that is commonly defined as being from 35 to 59(sometimes 64). December 10, 2021 @ But, hes resting peacefully in Gods Almighty Palm now! 3:56 pm, When faron young made young love, I was falling in love with my first love So she added the role of single mother to her repertory and . Derek He was posthumously inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2000. 9:11 pm. Every genre of music passes by those who have already been stars and pays more attention to the up and coming. 2:54 pm. 12:25 pm. He was an awesome country guy, real country! Turns out it was for Blake Shelton. Born in Shreveport, Louisiana and raised on a dairy farm outside of the city, Faron Young first wanted to be a classic pop singer when growing up. He was 64. I had several loses in my life close together in addition to 4 or 5 life stressors. I love Faron Young and I hate reading that it got that bad for him. Michael Phillips But he was awful to his wife Hilda who used to bowl with my mother. 1:46 pm. Sonny James had the 1957 number one country hit Young Love., Trigger 8:26 am. And his songs were good. Your grandfather was Spade Cooley? 10:46 am. So Sad To Be Shown Disrespect After The Careers They Had! 6:08 am. I loved Faron. 12:58 pm. Johnny Cash was instrumental in making Farons induction happen, but unfortunately it was posthumous for Faron. Although Im not Trigger, I think people have been triggered by this article about Faron Young and has made them think of all the great country music singers, bands and writers that we love and miss. December 10, 2021 @ Back in those days a lot of men knew that if you got cancer, it was a death sentence. 7:31 pm. One bullet went into the headboard, and the other went . But none are as tragic as the one about Faron Young. Over a nearly 50-year career Young enjoyed a string of hits, some 42 of them making it into the country Top Ten. December 10, 2021 @ Yes a lot caused my overdose booze etc but mistreated depression is serious. Theres still some counting to do, but this will very likely go down as the most read article Ive ever posted in 13+ years and over 7,000 articles, at least in the first 48-72 hours after an article was posted. 12:48 pm. Birthplace. This article seems to have struck a chord with an overlooked and underserved fan base. I always loved Faron. In 1972 Young enjoyed an international crossover success with Jerry Chesnut's waltz "It's Four in the Morning", a record that made it into the British Top Ten. P. Lamont Janis L Young What they call country now is rock&roll NOT COUNTRY!!! The story of Faron Young being forgotten resonates deeply with a lot of folks. Others who benefited from Young's encouragement included the country star Johnny Paycheck, whom he employed as a bass guitarist, the singer, songwriter and actor Kris Kristofferson, and Roger Miller, who had been working as a Nashville bell-hop until Young took him on as a drummer. 5:52 am, Classic Country music will never die,its like Premium wine,it only improves with age, But with the exception of a few groups&singers,I never even considered whats been going on in Nashville since the late 80s Country music At All !Its Now kinda like Nascar,it doesnt even resemble what it once was or reflect its core product of the Golden Decades of True Country&or Hillbilly music Whatsoever.George Jones asked the questionWhos gonna fill their shoes ? December 11, 2021 @ He and afoul of his friends would gather at Coach Floyd s house to No bringing anyone back, Schweet Haaawt! Just Out Of Reach: Faron Young: 22. Anyone interested in knowing more about Farons life should check out Diane Diekmans book Live Fast Love Hard The Faron Young Story. Many fascinating stories about his life and career and the demons that plagued him. 4:17 am. He performed at the local Optimist Club and was discovered by Webb Pierce, who brought him to star on the Hayride in 1951, then broadcast on KWKH-AM. Chris He filled in. I loved the song Waterloo when I was a kid. Faron Young - Sings The Best Of Faron Young - Vintage Music SongsFaron Young - Sings The Best Of Faron Young - Vintage Music SongsFaron Young - Sings The Bes. I loved Farons music and singing!! 186 Comments, Much has been said and written about the inherent ageism in country music that has persisted throughout the years. No true words were.ever spoken.i hate hei new so, Glen Jenkins DVDs Blu-ray VHS. I use to love country music. Last time I saw him (2 days in a row) he did not sing them. Miss the Real Country singers like Ernest Tubb, Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, Merle Haggard, Buck Owns, Waylon, Connie Smith & Loretta Lynn. It's Four in the Morning - Faron Young, Chesnut, Jerry; . 8:00 pm, Loved to listen to Faran Young!!!!!! Though country acts including BR549 were putting his music before audiences in the mid-1990s, Young apparently felt the music industry, which had undergone a revolution of sorts in 1991, had mostly rejected him. [2], Faron Young's son Robyn followed him into the country music business starting in 1975. December 12, 2021 @ Faron was was iconic. December 10, 2021 @ But unfortunately some people lose the battle. 3:48 pm. The key is to accept him and have faith and live our lives as close to him as possible. Gary Baecker I think your criticism is harsh and narrow minded. December 10, 2021 @ Hello Walls is one of my favorite songs. Faron Young was one of country music's greatest vocalists, if perhaps an occasionally underrated one. December 11, 2021 @ He was a good singer but not a complete package like Haggard or Elvis. Faron did try one last crack at revitalizing his career by signing to Step One Records in 1988 and releasing a handful of records, including a Christmas album, and a duet album with another aging country legend, Ray Price. 6:43 pm, For a GREAT story about Faron Young, as told by the great Merle Kilgore, I urge everyone to click on this link,, Traveler My mom had a crush on him back in the day. 5:45 am. 5:37 am. I always loved Faron Young, pull him up on You Tube all the time. They get very little. Im 63 years old and grew up listening to all the greats like Faron Young, its sad he committed suicide. Faron is a classic. Now I know our Creator deserves our songs , praise and adoration. I just watched Faron Young and Marty Robbins on utube the other day and realized how much i loved hearing the songs they sang. I was raised this way If you kill yourself you dont go to heavenyou may not go down there Most likely in limbo.. I saw Ray Price in his 80s draw somewhere between 2 and 3 thousand fans at the legendary Floores Country Store North of San Antonio. Faron Young Net Worth Faron Young Net Worth 2023, Age, Height, Relationships, Married, Dating, Family, Wiki Biography. 3:25 pm. 8:19 am. 5:52 am. At least I hope it is! I had an inside track. December 11, 2021 @ Donnell Cooley December 10, 2021 @ LOL, P Lamont January 6, 2022 @ December 10, 2021 @ Insulting Trigger just makes you look foolish especially when he is trying to help Farons legacy. December 14, 2021 @ Happy Christmas everyone. He along with Ferlin Husky were guests on my grandfathers radio show (spade Cooley) back in the 1940s (dont have exact year on hand). In the mid-70s, Young was the spokesman for BC Powder. Janice Brooks The Sheriff had major problems in his life leading up to his suicide. December 10, 2021 @ Linda Kyle Young was born, the son of a dairy farmer, at Shreveport, Louisiana, in 1932. Big Tex Country Music didnt abandon Faron young and that is certainly not why he took his own life all those years ago.